Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SRPs of the World UNITE!

Its funny, since embracing the title of "Self-Rescuing Princess," I seem to see them everywhere.  In television, literature, movies.  But the best, the most inspiring places to find other SRPs is in real life.

I see them in the single mothers who balance a job, a hobby, and spending precious time with their children and families, and always seem to have time for their friends.  I see them in my coworkers, who are strong, independent single women who just want to find a Prince worthy of their awesomeness.  I see them in the every-day heroines that inspire me to do better, be better, think better, to live up to my own potential.

Self-Rescuing Princesses are everywhere, all around you.  All they need is a little push.  The goth-girl who's holding down a steady job would blossom from a kind word.  The corporate Queen's entire day would be made simply by having the door held for her.  And the up-and-coming professional just wants to hear from her Prince locked somewhere in a tower.

I charge you all to seek out the Self-Rescuing Princesses in your lives and in yourselves today.  You might be surprised at the beauty and inner strength you find all around you.

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