Friday, January 1, 2010

10 Resolutions for 2010

1.  I *WILL* do my "Geekend Party".  Two days of the entire Lord of the Rings Saga and the entire Star Wars Saga.  Games, snacks, good friends.  It will be awesome.  Oh, and the Star Wars Saga, for me, starts at New Hope.

2. I want to cook more this year.  I didn't cook nearly enough in 2009.

3. I will finish my MBA.  I will not have another degree that takes me seven years to complete.

4.  I will catch up on movies that I really should have seen.  I will lean on my friends for this list.

5. I will work towards finding the balance between work and personal life.  This might mean cutting down a little bit of both.

6. I will continue to seek my joy, and create it when its not particularly evident.  I have a feeling I have some trials ahead of me, but I know that with a good attitude, an open mind, and a loving heart I will overcome anything.  God does not give us burdens we cannot bear.

7. Speaking of God, I really, really mean it this year.  I will read the whole bible.  As a student of the world's religions, its ridiculous that I've read the entire Dao Tse Ting but not the Bible.

8. I will remember to carve out time and happiness for me.  No, really.

9. I will keep off the weight I have lost, and lose more.

10.  I will make a new Faire costume and a new Caroling costume.

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