Thursday, January 14, 2010

Driveway Moments

I had a driveway moment today.  Does anybody else have those?  Let me 'splain.  Driveway Moments are when Freebird comes on just as you're turning into your neighborhood, and you can't possibly turn the car off until you get to the end of the song, so you sit in the car, letting the music wash over you, thinking of the last time you heard the song, or the first, or just listening to the music, analyzing the sounds.

Ever since I started working as a recording artist, I've been much more interested in what the makeup is of the songs that I know and love, what instruments are used, what effects, what the levels are, things like that.  So when "Name" by the Goo Goo Dolls came on just as I made my turn on Cherry today, I knew I was going to have a driveway moment.  As I approached my house, I thought about the song, what it had meant to me 10 years ago when it came out.  And I became absolutely obsessed with trying to figure out what the instrumentation was.  So there I sat, having my first driveway moment since moving into this house, listening for the three seconds of the song that I knew would tell me whether it was a 12-string or a mandolin.

I miss having time like that.  Usually when I'm driving, I'm running late or just on-time, so I have turn off the car regardless of where in the song they are.  It was nice to just sit, process the day for a few seconds, and let the sweet strains tickle my nostalgia into remembrance.  I think I need to schedule more time like that into my days.

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  1. ahhhhhhhh! thanks for giving me a "driveway moment" which i call "when the husband is working late, and the kids are in bed and i can just crank it up and veg out moment"! i heart you!