Sunday, January 1, 2012


This year, I'm going to blog like it's 1999, just on the off-chance people are wrong, the Mayans DIDN'T run out of room, and WEREN'T marking the end of a cycle.  That doesn't mean I'll be using 1999 technology, just that I'll be blogging more frequently.  I realize the futility of this, if the world truly does end, there will be nobody to read my blog, however, I will die knowing I spent time recording my thoughts.  For some reason this is important to me.

As it's January the first, I fear I will join the throng in a New Years Resolution post.  I know many who shirk this tradition (though I think it's mostly out of a desire to shirk tradition in general), however I have always kept it.  I think the reason the I like to make New Year Resolutions is not because I imagine there's some mystical powers lent to projects begun on the first of January, but because most of the world recognizes this day as the beginning of a new cycle.  The old Year has died and the new Year has been born, to much love and celebration.  What better time to sit back and take stock of that which was, that which is, and that which you wish to be?

Sadly, I don't have particularly grand resolutions this year, and they're certainly not unique, however, such as they are, I'm going to write them down, if for no other reason that to look back in 2013 - which is TOTALLY HAPPENING (probably).

2011 was a very stressful year, and I am a stress-eater.  It didn't help either that I began working for an Italian food importer, where I could get all the pasta, risotto, and even wine that I wanted.  I gained about 30 pounds, to add to the 15 "I'm so happy I'm not single" pounds I already gained.  My goal this year is lose the 45 pounds I've gained since I started dating my Scruffy-Looking NerfHerder.  My plan for this is to wake up 30 minutes earlier and do something physical every day.  My plan is also to use lo-carb induction to get myself kick-started, and then simply eat more veggies, less starch, drink less, and eat at home more.

I spent a lot of 2011 worrying, to the point where I started to make myself sick.  In 2012 I am going to find my zen, and nail it to my brain.  I realize this isn't strictly the traditional zen solution to this problem, but I really like the imagery of it.  Part of my plan is to care less about what everyone else thinks and more about what I think, and part of it is to accept that I can't control everything.

This year is going to be challenging for my Scruffy-Looking NerfHerder and me.  We will move, have kidlets move with us, and probably either have or begin planning a party where I wear a white dress and invite all my friends.  I am going to need to lean on him a lot, and he on me, and so I resolve to make sure that we continue to communicate as we always have: brilliantly.

Music.  Apart from my SLNH, music is the joy and passion of my life.  This year, I am going to treat it more like the lover it is, instead of the interloper it's become.  I will practice bouzouki and piano one hour each every week, and I will write a song every week.  I will MAKE time to do this, because it's important to my emotional and spiritual growth.

I think that's a full enough docket for one year.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Excellent resolutions! Best of luck in achieving them, but all luck aside, I KNOW that you're entirely capable of all of these things!

    Do or do not, there is no try ;)