Thursday, December 17, 2009

Self-Rescuing What, Now?

Many years ago, a powerful witch abducted the daughter of a well-to-do merchant family, placing her in a dark and gloomy castle.  The witch placed a spell on the castle, swearing the girl would only be rescued when a prince strong and brave enough to conquer the monsters therein and rescue the hapless damsel came to call.

But something went wrong.  For this damsel was, in fact, no such thing, and simply could not wait to be rescued.  And so, off she went, learning anything and everything she could, both about being a damsel, AND a knight, and went on to slay her guardians and free her own damned self from her unfairly applied bonds.

Problem was, the princess, while beautiful and wise, had trouble finding her place in the world.  The other princesses seemed threatened by her similarities to knights, and the knights didn't quite know what to do with a princess who knew how to rescue herself.  So there she was, armed with knowledge befitting a princess as well as a knight, wondering what the hell to do with herself. 

And so, she started a blog.  To what purpose?  To find other self-rescuing princess.  To find a knight willing to accept the challenge she presented.  To tell her story.  Yes... to tell her story.

End Chapter One.

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