Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Charter

Life can be difficult out there for self-rescuing princesses like us.  Many of us have to balance work and family, friends and lovers, and our need to be feminine with our desire to be respected and never under-estimated.  As we travel through this world of flakey princes, helpless fellow-princesses who don't understand us, and fire-breathing dragons who just want to eat us, let us proudly declare with one voice, our charter and manifesto, written herein:

I am a self-rescuing princess, and can solve my own problems, many of which are of my own creation to begin with.  I take responsibility for my life and my decisions, and the consequences of my actions.

I will seek out and nurture other self-rescuing princesses in my life.  They need love and understanding just as I do, and I will share my wisdom with them while learning from theirs.  Together, we will share our joy.

I will not swoon outwardly, no matter how dashing the smile. 

I will proudly embrace my geeky tendencies, no matter how "unfeminine" or "weird" they are.  Because after all, they are part of my charm.

I will guard my heart for the precious gem it is, and only bestow it upon the truly deserving.  That being said, I will work like I don't need the bitrate, love like I've never set my status to "it's complicated", and dance like nobody's tagging my photo.


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  2. I hereby agree to this charter and manifesto, and take on all the duties, responsibilities, and fabulosity that is required of a self-rescuing princess.

    -Idiot Parade